Course Overview

Program Length: 3 Hours

Materials Needed: Desktop, Mobile Device, Zoom App, Internet Access, Quiet Learning Space

Certificate of Completion: Yes


To succeed as a company and member of a team in our current world, business leaders must do everything they can to leverage resources to build a productive and harmonious work culture. Study after study show how investing in the cultural and leadership competency skills will always have a positive effect on your bottom line and beyond. 

Learn how to foster inclusive workplaces, supportive teams, and awareness about other's needs beyond normal work compliance requirements. This program expands the minds and hearts of executive professionals who wish to benefit from understanding how equity in the workplace is implemented and how diversity on a team is a valuable resource. 

You will learn: 

  • Discuss the attributes, traits and unique characteristics that make up diverse groups
  • Examine your personal traits and attributes and understand how they contribute in a team setting
  • Learn how to recognize and identify the qualities of truly inclusive workplace cultures
  • Learn how to handle obstacles and overcome barriers to diversity in the workplace
  • Discover what practices you can incorporate to better align your values with the principles of diversity and inclusion
  • Use the Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity (DMIS) to explain how individuals perceive differences
  • Gain insight into how you can become more accountable within your organization when developing habits of inclusivity

Course Dates

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    Course Overview

    • (WATCH FIRST) Setting up Your Virtual Classroom

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