Course Overview

Program Length: 3 Hours

Materials Needed: Desktop, Mobile Device, Zoom App, Internet Access, Quiet Learning Space

Certificate of Completion: Yes


Did you know your brain has a natural inclination to make assumptions and generalizations - some fact, some fake, some good, and some hurtful. Learning how to avoid making choices based off stereotypes and biases can lead to higher levels of empathy and connectivity to others. Self-regulating is a strategy used by leading professionals who build positive connections and foster collaboration with others. You will learn how to develop inclusivity skills and open your mind to new learning experiences by unlocking the power of your unconscious bias.

You will learn:

  • Defining unconscious bias at its core and how it works
  • Learn how to self-regulate your thoughts and monitor your behavior
  • Develop skills to manage change and find synergies with others to provide support
  • Confirmation Bias — Believing What You See and Seeing What You Believe
  • Identify what cognitive dissonance is and how it makes you feel
  • Discuss how confirmation bias can turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy
  • Identify when you are being judgmental and reverse your thoughts
  • Explain the power of the executive functions in your brain
  • Describe explicit and implicit stereotypes and how they relate to biased behavior
  • Identify what inclusion means, distinguishing between inclusion and diversity
  • Summarize the moral case for inclusion that involves empathy and others-centered thinking
  • Discuss the insights of historical leaders on the power of inclusivity

Course Dates

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    Course Overview

    • (WATCH FIRST) Setting up Your Virtual Classroom

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